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 Tennis Season is Here!
If you aren't sure what that glowing orb in the sky is, dont' worry. I know it's been awhile since you felt the Sun's warm embrace, or since you saw grass for that matter. But it's New England and the seasons they are a changing. So put away your shovels, trade the Goggles in for Sunglasses and hit the courts. We've got new racquets, shoes, and clothing. So stop in and load up for Summer.

Seasonal Rentals Due Back!

This past season we broke every Rental Record we keep. With a staggering 2128 seasonal rentals out the door, it's a wonder we still had equipment left. Of course the snow has melted and the mountains are all closing. And as May 1st approaches it's time for our fleet to come home. A lot of you have returned your rentals already, but the rest of you are running out of time! They are all Due Back MAY 1st. Every day after May 1st is subject to the $2.00 a day late fee... And we hold everyone to the same rules. No exceptions.

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