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Spring Beckons
Despite the April Fools Snow, it is officially Spring now. That means ski season is drawing to a close and Tennis is gearing up. So unpack that bag, replace your yellowed clothing, treat youself to some new kicks, get some fresh strings, do some stretching, and then go play! And if you don't know where to do that, we can help with half of it.

Seasonal Ski and Board Rentals

We sent out over 2200 pair of Seasonal ski and board Rentals this year. There's no other way of saying it, that number is ridiculous. Of Course we're approaching the end of the season now. The Rentals are officially Due back to us
MAY 1st, 2018. After that it's $2.00 a Day.

Sports Stop
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Wenham, MA
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Sports Stop - 67 Main St. Wenham, MA - 978 468 4488 - Copyright 2016 The Sports Stop
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