Rental Returns
    This year we'll be utilizing a non-Contact method of getting our rentals back. Below are the steps to follow. If you've got questions please call 978 468 4488.

Pack up your complete rental package.
Make sure you bring the boots! If you    can't remember if you rented boots please call us and check BEFORE driving over. We'd like to do this as efficiently as possible, and that means one trip per family.

Drive the equipment to us! Please make sure the person returning the rentals is capable of unloading the equipment from the vehicle. This means don't send your spouse who's 5' 1" with a fully loaded Thule box.

Follow the signs in our parking lot. While we will be open for business, we're operating rental returns and sales completely separate. When you get the to store, follow the painted signs for drop offs. If you're interested in shopping as well we ask that you do that AFTER returning our rentals.

Unload the equipment into the "unloading area". Pretty straight forward here. We're trying to do this as safely as we can for everyone involved. that means you unpack your car, and we'll clean up after your gone.

Give us the Renters name. This one is tricky in a regular world, nevermind one where we've all got quarantine brain. Our system tracks rentals by the user's name. That means if you're 2 year old was on the user, we need their name.And if your wife or husband has a different name, we'll need that name too.

Drive away! After we've checked you off this list you're free to go.

Please understand that this process make take longer than it has in the past. We're operating on a skeleton crew, and simultaneously trying to create the safest possible interaction for both you and us. Please be patient, and wear a mask!

We will be open for business, so if you'd like to come and shop please do so. Obviously wear a mask and we do have a limit on customers in the building.

Trust us when we say we'll be very happy to see you.

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