Equipment Subject to inspection before restringing. If racquet is deemed to be broken, or about to be, Sports Stop retains the right to not service the equipment.
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Sports Stop
67 Main St
Wenham, MA
978 468 4488
Sports Stop - 67 Main St. Wenham, MA - 978 468 4488 - Copyright 2015 The Sports Stop
Monday - Friday
9:30am - 6:00pm

9:00am - 5:00pm


12:00 - 500pm
Stringing Since Forever

The Sports Stop prides itself on our stringing. Our experienced stringers utilize high quality machines that offer consistency. This means our customers can get the maximum out of their equipment, on every stringing.

    We offer a large variety of strings ranging from modern synthetic guts, co polymer and hybrids, to the classic natural gut fibers. Each string has its own characteristics and our expert staff is more than happy to assist you in choosing the string that is the best fit for your game.

Turn around times may vary depending on work load... in most cases racquets will be completed within 24 hours of drop off.
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